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Massive wildfires in California and other areas of the western United States are becoming commonplace in various news outlets this time of year. While occasional fires are part of the natural order of things, the facts tell a troubling story. Due to human error, the fire season has tripled in length from 46 days annually to 154 and costs citizens more than $2 billion a year to combat and clean up after.

Peter Lowes is an entrepreneur and environmental advocate. In 2019, he founded a non-profit called TEA Together, short for Teaching Environmental Awareness. Its mission is to increase environmental education across the nation through funding post-secondary scholarships for tomorrow’s environmental stewards and advocating for general public education. For Peter, the race to combat climate change involves everyone from preschoolers to seniors. …


Peter Lowes

Founder of Teaching Environmental Awareness — TEA, and Hola! Restaurants. Bend, Oregon.

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