A Few Actions that Individuals and Families Can Take to Aid in Healing the Planet

From the wildfires raging across Australia, to the monsoons flooding India, to the droughts gripping much of South-Western North America, it’s clear that the planet is having a rough reaction to changing environmental conditions in its atmosphere and on its surface. It’s also clear that human beings are mostly to…

A Handy List of Five Easy Steps Any Person Can Take to Reduce Their Negative Impact on the Planet

The scientific consensus is in: Earth’s climate is changing, and it is getting warmer. If current trends continue, the consequences of unchecked global warming will manifest in everything from an increased frequency of extreme weather events such as hurricanes and floods to much longer wildfire seasons and wide-scale crop failures…

Peter Lowes

Founder of Teaching Environmental Awareness — TEA, and Hola! Restaurants. Bend, Oregon.

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